The Third Arrangement

Hello one and all,

If you stumbled upon this, we are glad you made it here. We are a jazz/rock/soul group from South Jersey that formed in February 2016, and we have been steadily rehearsing and performing our material that has been written over the last 2 years.

Here’s our short BIO: The Third Arrangement is an 8 piece, story telling jazz-rock, pop, funk band from New Jersey. Employing tight rhythms and harmonies, smooth effects, and funky bass lines, they impose narrative-like lyrics in a style that brings you away from home and back again. With one year of shows under their belt, they have plans to record their debut album in the Spring/Summer 2018.

All of our members come from a background of performing and studying music. What started out as 4 guys coming together to work on original music. Lo and behold, a year later it turned into an 8-piece jazz-rock group. Our arrangements embody several permutations and branches of musical taste. We don’t cut any corners, and we seek out all that is available in music making.


Follow this site, and like/follow us on facebook for everything regarding our band. You can follow us on instagram too. Multimedia can be seen below…

The Band:

Dominic Henry – bass/b. vocals

Frank C. Morley – guitars/euphoria

Nathan MacAdams – lead vocals/keyboards

Gregory Kuhn – trumpet, flugelhorn

Brandon Quinn Dixon – alto, tenor saxophone

Catherine Chambers – backing vocals

Elisa Grello – backing vocals

Corey Gallagher – drums

Upcoming 2018 Dates:

April 21, 2018 – time TBA – Bestfest Craft Beer and Music Festival – Clementon, NJ

July 26, 2018 – 8pm – The Grape Room – Philadelphia, PA 








Released March 29, 2019

Released September 4, 2017

Released April 29, 2017


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