The Third Arrangement

“I have at least three sources that I can site, and every one says you’ll take the bite.”

The Third Arrangement on stage April 30, 2017 // photo by Ben Buckner

Hello one and all,

If you stumbled upon this, we are glad you made it. We are a jazz/rock/soul group from South Jersey that formed in February 2016, and we have been steadily rehearsing our material that has been written over the last year. Our official live debut was on April 30, 2017 at the Voltage Lounge in Philly; and what a night it was! We have the idea of recording an album in the summer months – we’ll see about that. Stay tuned!

The Band:

Greg Pfeifer – Drums

Dominic Henry – bass/b. vocals

Frank C. Morley – guitars/euphoria

Nathan MacAdams – lead vocals/keyboards



Released April 29, 2017