About this beat

Sounds through the Skylight brings to its visitors information, news, and experiences of local venues of art and music. It is the hope of this blog to operate as a service to the viewer by exposing various unique venues that are around this nook of South Jersey and Philadelphia. I want to bring you everything I can about each space. Hopefully you will learn something interesting throughout this journey. I have no doubt I will, so I implore you to join me.

These accounts you will see here are first hand. I will be providing the information via my visits and insider scoops. This blog is ran by myself and all content presented here is bound solely to me unless otherwise stated. Questions, comments, thoughts, and concerns can be emailed directed via the Contact page.

The header image for this blog is courtesy of wikipedia commons: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

The logo image is courtesy of creative commons: https://www.flickr.com


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