Spinning Vinyl with Jupiter Records’ Steve Zimmerman on Record Store Day 2017

April 22, 2017 was what is known as Record Store Day, at least in the states that is. People clamor for records left and right all night and all day on this most joyous of occasions for audiophiles and casual music enjoy-ers alike. This video post opportunity came at such an appropriate time, and I was lucky enough to get local Steve Zimmerman away from the turntables for just a few minutes in order to gain a little story and background about Jupiter Records in Woodbury Heights, NJ. Zimmerman was originally from Princeton, but then transplanted himself all the way across the country in Phoenix, Arizona. It was there that he started his own record store, Revolver Records. That shop is still running, but he remains up here managing the several Jupiter Records locations. On top of the Woodbury Heights location, there are stores in Booth’s Corner (PA), Wilmington, DE, and another that just opened its doors recently, Polsky’s Corner in Woodbury (just one or two miles down the road). Check out the shots I was able to capture and more importantly. check out Jupiter Records in Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware!



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