Human Village of Pitman, NJ: Brewing Beer and Preserving Live Music

In a small town that is sometimes hidden by the bustle of nearby Philadelphia and neighbor Glassboro, things, entertainment thrives ever so subtly. Pitman, NJ has, for decades, been a dry town. There are no bars and there are no public displays of alcohol.

For a long time this was the case, and it still is save for the arrival of two breweries located literally under 100 feet from each other. Human Village Brewing Co. was the second brewery to open in Pitman, officially running as such in November 2016. The brewery has a quaint vibe and is quite reminiscent of the small town it is located in.

But what sets Human Village apart from other venues is that just last year it was the ever-so-rich Bus Stop Music Cafe. The old venue was around from 2005-2016, and featured live music, a wide array of vinyl, CDs, and cassettes for sale, and a very welcoming atmosphere. Live bands played every week and even sometimes multiple times per week.

That is where Human Village comes in.

A card is visualizes the brewing process at Human Village using a mashup of musical “notation” and symbols. Photo by Nathan MacAdams


Co-founder Emily Barnes spoke about the past at Bus Stop, stating, “We did attend Open Mic nights and shows at the Bus Stop before opening our doors as a brewery. They were always a fun time to hang out with friends and enjoy some live music.”

Barnes says she was born in Los Angeles and raised in Southern California. She is a student at Rowan University where she studies Chemical Engineering.

To her, open mics really meant something, as they did to the current landlord as well. “Music is part of what made the Bus Stop so special. When we talked with our landlord Vic for the first time, he said he wanted to keep the music alive,” said Barnes. She also said that the brewery held some open mics before the brewery became officially operating.

“A lot of local talent came to perform, some artists from across the country, and others from right in the Bus Stop’s backyard. They were run by Fran Corazo and Maltza Vee Entertainment. Fran, unfortunately had to leave us after receiving a full-time job which conflicted with Thursday nights.”


A view of the “stage” area where open mic occurs on Thursday nights. Photo by Nathan MacAdams


However, the new open mic here at Human Village Brewing Co. did not die off; not in the least bit. Barnes said that local Katie McCorry is a new host and that she “brings a new spin in that she knows musicians in the Philadelphia area.” Some people who performed at Fran’s Open Mics now perform at Katie’s. Barnes said that the transition from the closing of Bus Stop to the opening and operation of music at Human Village has been an interesting one. Some familiar faces pop in and some new ones are coming in too. “The crowd was always there and it remains today as well. They are quite popular.”


When asked about the lingering records on the wall that adorn the at least one entire side of the brewery, Barnes replied,

“We loved the vinyl albums and covers on the wall. We as a brewery are all music lovers and all grew up listening to classic rock with our parents, so it felt like home. The redecoration was a rebirth of sorts to show the transition from music cafe to music-loving brewery. Vic was kind enough to allow us to use some of his vinyl covers to frame and decorate. We went through them and chose artists together, which proved to be a fun experience.


The new music at Human Village doesn’t stop there. In addition to the open mics, the goal of having featured bands come in to perform is a realistic and promising one.

The following have performed on non-open mic nights so far at the venue:
-Jason Ager
-Swing That Cat
-V. Shayne Frederick
-Love Alive
Shows in the near future are most definite. Barnes advised, We are looking at doing a Beatles tribute show with multiple artists, so keep an eye out for that.”
Additional upcoming events that are arts and community related include a “craft night on Wednesday, May 3rd, where we will be making beer signs.” Barnes also advised about Yoga at the Brewery on April 23rd. “There are always things being added to the calendar, though, and people can check out our websiteFacebook, or Instagram for up to date information.
An amazing glass of dark beer at Human Village Brewing Co. Photo by Nathan MacAdams





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