After Hours: A Chat with Roland de Castro and Adin Mickle at Coffee Works

The steaming French press is pushing on for more life as the sun goes down. The chairs, stools, and sofas are now lonely after the day’s visitors have gone. Until the evening, when there are lights, streaming down onto the, vacant, wooden stage. All of this is indicative of after hours…

If you enjoy local music, coffee, and a happening venue, look you should listen to this bit. Right in the center of Camden County, Voorhees in particular, lies a little cafe called Coffee Works.

This is the venue where Roland de Castro and Adin Mickle are working together on a new live music series, “After Hours“. I sat down with these two guys and got a peak into what this series is all about and where it came from. I also learned a little bit about their efforts in restoring music to this relaxed little venue. On a typical Friday, this series wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for the collusion of de Castro and Mickle and of course, the venue. You’ll hear much more if you take a listen to their individual stories about this exciting new series right here in the heart of South Jersey.


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Photo by yours truly

Music for interviews by yours truly via The Third Arrangement


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