Photos of a High-Toned Hangout: Bogey’s Club and Cafe

In the second week of March, I went to observe what a Saturday night is like at Bogey’s: the hangout out for some old-school folks and young people alike.

This place is tucked away at Pitman Colf Course in Sewell, New Jersey. Just three minutes from Glassboro and 20 minutes from Philly, Bogey’s is a haven for those caught up in the city and also for those looking for a little bit more action in the suburbs on Saturday night. The place is essentially a private looking bar joint that has space for live entertainment (i.e. bands, DJ, and other talent) and dancing. It is open to the public, but it is more on the upscale side.

On this particular night, the age range seemed to be from 50 to 80. Some were dressed up a bit, and then some were not. But their age had nothing to do with the amount of action going on. Musician and DJ Jack Peacock kept the baby boomers on their feet all evening, from 7:30 p.m on. It was fun watching them really enjoy themselves to the music of Franki Valli, Michael Jackson, and 70s/80s disco.

Here are some shots that I was able to capture that night.

Placing drinks on this piano is forbidden.
the hostess’ podium
My glasses resting on a fine wood dining table.
There was some age to this crowd. It was a real treat to see them dancing so much.


There was some age to this crowd. It was a real treat to see them having a good time. Here they are line dancing.

entrance to the dance floor and bar
dancing under the lights
the main lobby chandelier
a banister inside the main lobby
sheet music on the piano – “Blue Moon”

Find out about upcoming performances at Bogey’s by visiting.


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